You come highly recommended

Hi Sandra

Thank you for the information.
I was actually given your name by Lyn Buchanan so you come highly recommended.
Unfortunately I will not be able to attend at such short notice.
I am very interested in attending one of your classes, so please keep me in mind for next year.
Please let me know when and if you will do another class next year.
Apologies for this year.
Sarah N.

Design & Develop Assessment Tools

This is a great assessment Sandra.

Not everyone is good at developing assessment tools but you obviously get it and are able to put an effective tool together.

Sandra R.

Anomalies Book – Sandra Hilleard

I read this in one go and that’s saying a lot as I’m a terribly slow reader who gets bored pretty easily but this one had me hooked all the way through. Couldn’t put it down even for a second.


Tunde A.

Remote Viewing Report

Thank you for managing this Project! The Report you sent is nothing short of AMAZING! The Remote Viewing team has identified things I had not even revealed to you!  Many Thanks to you and your team!

Anonymous Client

Law Enforcement

I can tell you from first hand knowledge that Sandra’s ability is amazing. I have had the pleasure of having Sandra assist in an operational setting recently assisting me on a murder investigation in which her results helped to gain enough evidence to get an arrest.

John Herlosky

She is the Best Trainer

I have heard of several remote viewing trainers, well also I have tried one webinar over it which didn’t go well. After visiting Sandra’s remote viewing workshop, I was fully satisfied with the content and knowledge she delivered. As she say, it is Mind blowing, Amazing, and Life Changing, I totally agree to her work. Keep up the good work Sandra.