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Remote Viewing ProjectX was developed with the idea of combining research into Remote Viewing with the practice of this skill based mental technique. It took one year to develop this unique tool which allows people to not only practice under double-blind conditions, but also record their personal experience, while the system keeps track of their development.

Prof. Jessica Utts had kindly pointed out one downside of online data collection. She mentioned that: “There is no guarantee the participants are serious about the participation and motivated to do the task to the best of their ability.”

In other words; Some people just like to “see what it does”, “see if they can beat the system, by hacking or cheating” or “simply just play around with no intention to do well”. This would make the data set inaccurate, because we have no idea who is seriously participating and who is just playing around with no serious intention of scoring.

Research Design and Approach

A different approach was needed to prevent the data set being filled with ‘rubbish’ as much as technically possible. The ‘brain training website’ Lumocity has an approach of getting people signed up via subscription to use their site to do some ‘brain training games’, their games are intended for brain training and used to collect research data and help improve future games.

I decided to implement a similar system, where there is a small monthly fee to access the site. Only those who would really like to work on their ‘mental skills’ would be serious enough to sign up. Registration with payment, will also confirm to some degree, the correct details of the registered user. The fee should not be too high, as it would exclude those who would be struggling to afford it.

These measures will increase the likelihood of someone being serious about using this tool. It will also help cover some of the cost of hosting, security and system development.

Motivating Remote Viewers

The second part of Professor Jessica Utts implied that it is difficult to get people engaged and enthusiastic to participate. Repetitive practice of a skill can be boring and boredom is the death of learning, particularly when it comes to Remote Viewing.

I had to come up with an idea that would be fun, challenging and useful to Remote Viewers. I designed the very first online Remote Viewing Competition for this purpose. Designing this raised an interesting legal question; “Under the Western Australian law, would Remote Viewing fall under a game of skill or a game of chance?”

The licencing department decided that a Remote Viewing Competition is a game of skill and therefor it does not require a special permit.

This would allow me to put in the motivational, competitive factor, which would ensure that those who participate are indeed more inclined to do their best to win a prize and the honour.

Competitive Edge

What wasn’t anticipated is that most Remote Viewers have performance anxiety! Even the possibility of failure under a “screen name”, which is not usually the real name of the person, is too much for most Remote Viewers and Remote Viewing Students. This reduced the amount of participants to a hand full of people who mustered the courage to participate.

Competition Review

The very first online Remote Viewing Competition finished on the 2nd of April 2019. The winner: Russell P. had completed the minimum requirements of 18 Sessions and was holding the highest percentage on the 2nd of April at 12:00PM Perth, Western Australian time.

Many of the participants were not comfortable with the possibility of their total score displaying in the Top 10. To reduce the performance anxiety somewhat, the Top 10 was changed to the Top 5. Only the 5 best performers names are listed, anyone else will remain anonymous unless they decide to make their session work public.

Winner of the 2019 online Remote Viewing Competition, RusselP

RussellP has won the AUD $200 Amazon Gift Card, but decided to donate the money back to ProjectX for further development. I very much appreciate the gesture, which will allow me to hire experts for development of new and more complex algorithms for the system.

ProjectX is challenging to Remote Viewers! It is designed to be very strict in its scoring, which is currently based on the 6 different categories in the system. Scoring on ProjectX is really “Against the Odds”!

The system of word-matching scores is still under development and two different algorithms are being tested.

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