Remote Viewing Training


Training Approach

The 4 day Remote Viewing training course consists of theory, practice and practical information. This comprehensive training course will give you all the tools you need to become the best Remote Viewer you can be.

Remote Viewing can be a journey of self-discovery. The training will teach you theory, protocols and will provide you with some practice. Your journey of discovery doesn’t end there! It is just the beginning! Your mind is unique and no trainer can tell you exactly how your individual mind works, but you can experience this yourself during training and expand on this with practice.

About the Remote Viewing Training

Training Consists of the following topics:


Remote Viewing or Psychic? What is the difference?
What you need to get started
Protocols and Procedures for Remote Viewing
Stage 1 - 6
Summary & Site Template
Measuring your results and progress
Legal & Ethical Frameworks
Practical Applications & Case Studies
Ways to enhance your skills

As part of the course you will receive:

A comprehensive training manual
A copy of the book "Remote Viewing" by David Morehouse
Practice target material
A list of resources for ongoing study and practice
Pen & paper, for note taking and session work
Drinks and refreshments throughout the day
A light lunch will be provided

For training there are the following pre-requisites:

Remote Viewing is an intensive mind skill. If you are currently being treated for, or experiencing a mental-emotional health issue For your health and safety please do NOT enrol until you receive a doctors clearance!
You will need at least basic literacy skills, reading and writing
You will need basic sketching skills

To ensure quality of training, there will be a limit of 12 people in any one class.


Meet the Trainer.


Sandra Hilleard

Remote Viewing Trainer

10 years experience in Remote Viewing training & Course Development. Qualified Cert. IV Trainer, Certified in Teaching Adult Learners. After studying video tapes from Psi-Tech on Remote Viewing, she completed her Remote Viewing training in Coordinate Remote Viewing & Extended Remote Viewing with David Morehouse PhD. in Carlsbad, California. She has worked with different police departments in Europe and the USA on criminal cases & missing person cases. She also hold qualifications in Private Investigations .

Next Steps…

To enrol in the next available training course in Australia or Europe, please send and email enquiry.