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“Engaging the Client for Success” is a presentation by my highly regarded colleague in the USA; Gail Clayton-Husick of the Husick Group LCC. Gail is a licenced private investigator in Washington State, USA and holds a Harvard Law degree. Her Remote Viewing group has an impressive track record, which is a great achievement because her presentation clearly demonstrates the challenges a Remote Viewing project manager faces and how you can overcome most of these challenges. This presentation is a “must-see” for all who are considering hiring a Remote Viewing team and, those who are or want to become involved in operational Remote Viewing work.

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Sandra holds the following qualifications:
Dip. Graphic Design
Dip. Counselling
Dip. Management & Entrepreneurship
Cert. Hypnotherapy
Cert. IV - Vocational Educational Training & Assessment
Cert. III - Investigations
Cert. II - Security Operations
Cert. - Forensic Facial Reconstruction (University of Sheffield - UK)
Cert. - Coordinate Remote Viewing & Extended Remote Viewing
Statement of Attainment - Screen People / Screen Items
Certificate of Attainment - Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy
METT Micro Expression Training Advanced - Expert Level Certificate
Cert. - Statistical Analysis of fMRI Data (John Hopkins University)
Cert. of Achievement - Teaching Adult Learners (Central Institute of Technology)
Cert. Quark Xpress
Cert. Photoshop
Cert. - Collecting Pathology Specimens other than Blood
Cert. - Dangerous Goods Awareness Training Aviation
Cert. - Dangerous Goods by Air Acceptance
Cert. - Well Being (Murdoch University)
Cert. - Foundations of Psychology (RMIT University)
Cert - Understanding Origins of Crime (Griffith University)
Cert - HR & Payroll Management Course
TAEASS502 - Design and Develop Assessment Tools

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