Professional Development

The professional development series are a series of short course units, designed to help you with the development of specific or higher-level skills.

Some professional development units have no prerequisites, others will require evidence of the completion of a full CRV (Coordinate Remote Viewing or Controlled Remote Viewing). This can either be the course on or by one of the other recommended CRV Trainers:

  • David Morehouse
  • Paul Smith
  • Angela Thompson-Smith
  • Lyn Buchanan
  • (Previous Remote Viewing Unit students)

If you have not completed training with any of the trainers listed above, but you do have sufficient evidence of the required knowledge and skills, you may still be able to attend. This will be assessed on individual basis.

Professional Development – No CRV Requirement

  • Sketching and Visual Expression for Remote Viewers
  • Expanding and Enriching Vocabulary
  • Overcoming Fear of Failure
  • Basic Legal and Ethical Frameworks

Professional Development – With CRV Requirement (Restricted)

  • Basic Associative Remote Viewing Course
  • Project Management
  • Client Management
  • Team Management
  • Advanced Legal and Ethical Frameworks
  • Identikit – Sketching Faces for Remote Viewers
  • Well being of Remote Viewers (Counselling / Psychology)
  • Working with Law Enforcement

You can select and submit the course modules of your interest in the form below by clicking on the text and a tick will appear next to your selection. Please note: If you apply for the courses with CRV Requirement, you will be asked to provide evidence of CRV course completion. You will be informed of upcoming courses, in your area of interest.