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After training, I keep in touch with students all over the world and I help them by answering questions that arise after the training. I will share one such conversation here. Keep in mind that if you have not done any CRV training, some terminology may not be clear to you. Student Questions: From Intermediate […]

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Solutions: Komsomolets Disaster

K-278 Komsomolets was the only Project 685 Plavnik, nuclear-powered attack submarine of the Soviet Navy. On 4 August 1984 K-278 reached a record depth of 1,020 metres (3,350 feet) in the Norwegian Sea. Although it was developed mostly to test technology for fourth-generation nuclear submarines, it was fully combat-capable. It sank on its first operational […]

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Interview Understanding Remote Viewing

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Mini-Conference AIPR – Sydney

I was honoured to be speaking at the AIPR (Australian Institute for Parapsychological Research) in Sydney last weekend. The program consisted of: Author and UFO researcher Bill Chalker, presented his findings in the field of UFO sightings and the more recent disclosure of the US Navy regarding encounters with Unidentified Areal Phenomena (UAP’s). Bill has […]

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Forensic Sketching

What has forensic sketching got to do with Remote Viewing? Well, a lot actually! Remote Viewers use Extrasensory Perception to obtain information on people, places, things and events, remote in space-time under controlled conditions, following specific reporting procedures. Part of that task is to sketch and describe what is being perceived. In principle, it is […]

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Australian Institute for Parapsychological Research Conference 2019 Sydney

It is a great honour to be invited as a speaker at the AIPR Conference in Sydney on the 30th of November 2019. The Science and Applications of Remote Viewing The first part of the presentation will touch on the applications of Remote Viewing in Law Enforcement cases and other applications. Mini-Remote Viewing Workshop The […]

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Testing and Developing Your Extrasensory Perception

Not many people even consider the possibility they have Extrasensory Perception, yet most people do have the ability! They might have had some spontaneous experiences and described it as a “gut feeling” or coincidence and never give it a second thought. As a Remote Viewing Trainer, I found that most students have the ESP ability. […]


How Intuitive Intelligence Can Save Companies Millions

Did you ever have a “gut-feeling” that something was about to happen? Could you sense it, but not find a reasonable explanation for your concern? Did you dismiss it or reason it away? Most people do! Because it is still socially not acceptable to talk about these kind of intuitive feelings. However, dismissing them could […]

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Find the Missing Person

“Can you find missing persons?” This is a question I get asked over and over again. The answer is:” Remote Viewers do not find missing persons. Search and rescue teams and law enforcement agencies find missing persons. A Remote Viewer simply provides information on where a person might be, to law enforcement or search and […]

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7 Steps to Becoming a Remote Viewer

Step 1 : Read up on Remote Viewing. Find reputable sources and start delving into the subject matter. You will find that there is a great difference between being a psychic and being a remote viewer! You will get an understanding on how it was developed, why it was developed into a skill and how […]