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Missing Persons – FindMe

Detective Kelly Snyder – Founder of FindMe

In 2010 I started doing some work for the FindMe group. FindMe is a U.S.A. based charity founded by retired Federal Agent Kelly Snyder, to assist law enforcement in missing person cases and unresolved homicide cases. His team of volunteers consists of retired law enforcement officers, private investigators, search and rescue volunteers, canine units, air support and vetted intuitive consultants. I was very fortunate to join the team as a vetted Remote Viewer (Intuitive – Consultant).

The criteria for joining the FindMe Group are very strict. Members / Volunteers are on call 24/7 and need to respond at all times. Especially in case of “Amber Alerts” a response is required within 48 hrs. Anyone who wants to join goes through background checks and a probation period, before being fully accepted. All information and reports on each case need to be submitted in the specified format unless otherwise indicated. These volunteers all have professional backgrounds in their respective field and work together with one thing in mind; Bring the person home!

I have worked several cases for the FindMe Group during that period. Apart from being on call at all times (which was a bit of a problem, next to a full time occupation, with irregular hours), I think the toughest part of the job was dealing with the emotional aspects in certain cases. No matter how skilled you are and, how tough you are, you know that lives of human beings are at stake.

It is still, after all these years, pretty amazing to me that; I am able to provide information on missing person and homicide cases in the USA (and Europe), while living and working in Western Australia.

In 2012 I had the privilege of meeting Detective Kelly Snyder in Phoenix – Arizona. Over lunch we were able to discuss some of the cases we had worked on.

Working with the FindMe team has given me great insight in the practical applications of Remote Viewing and how it translates to field work. Although I could not continue to participate in the group after a while, due to other work commitments, I really believe Detective Kelly and his Team are doing immensely important work! Helping families either, finding their loved ones, or at least getting closure.

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Sandra holds the following qualifications:
Dip. Graphic Design
Dip. Counselling
Dip. Management & Entrepreneurship
Cert. Hypnotherapy
Cert. IV - Vocational Educational Training & Assessment
Cert. III - Investigations
Cert. II - Security Operations
Cert. - Forensic Facial Reconstruction (University of Sheffield - UK)
Cert. - Coordinate Remote Viewing & Extended Remote Viewing
Statement of Attainment - Screen People / Screen Items
Certificate of Attainment - Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy
METT Micro Expression Training Advanced - Expert Level Certificate
Cert. - Statistical Analysis of fMRI Data (John Hopkins University)
Cert. of Achievement - Teaching Adult Learners (Central Institute of Technology)
Cert. Quark Xpress
Cert. Photoshop
Cert. - Collecting Pathology Specimens other than Blood
Cert. - Dangerous Goods Awareness Training Aviation
Cert. - Dangerous Goods by Air Acceptance
Cert. - Well Being (Murdoch University)
Cert. - Foundations of Psychology (RMIT University)
Cert - Understanding Origins of Crime (Griffith University)
Cert - HR & Payroll Management Course
TAEASS502 - Design and Develop Assessment Tools