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International Assistance Required: Sisters Zeliha and Samiha abducted in Turkey

The Dutch sisters Zeliha and Samiha Korkmaz (van der Pligt), were abducted by their Turkish father while on holiday in Turkey. The custody of the children was assigned to the mother Danielle van der Pligt who had divorced their father Ali Korkmaz in 2010. The father decided to move back to Turkey, the girls stayed with their mother in the Netherlands. The girls were in school in Oud-Beijerland in the Netherlands. During the school holidays of 2017, the father had asked to see his daughters and the mother did not want to send the girls on their own, so she joined the girls for a holiday to see their father in Turkey. That decision has proven to be a costly one. On the last day of their holiday, the father demanded that Danielle signed over the custody of their daughters to him and that he would not let the girls go back to the Netherlands. Danielle was threatened and physically abused, but she did not want to give up the girls and she refused to sign over the custody. Eventually, she was forced to leave them with their father Ali Korkmaz, who then disappeared with the girls. Their last known location was Sakarya, Turkey.

Sakarya – Turkey was their last known location.

Since that day, Danielle has been travelling back and forth from the Netherlands to Turkey to fight a legal battle to return the girls home and to school. Ali Korkmaz is now wanted for parental abduction, which means he cannot put the girls in school or take them to a hospital or doctor. Danielle has been on national TV in Turkey to plead for the return of her little girls who were at the time 7 and 8 years old. (the girls are currently 10 and 11 years old). Danielle has also pleaded on Dutch TV to please help locate the girls. A private investigation team associated with Dutch television was willing to look into the case, but since there are no conclusive leads on their whereabouts, they decided not to further investigate. The Turkish police and Interpol have been informed but have no break-through in the case. The Dutch police cannot act unless they are in the Netherlands.

It has been almost 3 years and the girls have not yet been located by police. The father has sworn to take the girls where nobody would ever find them. Our Remote Viewing team has provided the Dutch investigative team with possible leads within a few days of notifying us, however, the investigative team was in South America at the time and they could not follow up on the information provided. Upon their return, they decided that the information was “old” and may not be accurate anymore; therefore they did not want to travel to Turkey to follow up on the leads provided. Zeliha and Samiha were last seen in Sakarya near the Kocaeli region in Turkey. From the Korkmaz family the sister of Ali Korkmaz, Sultan Korkmaz is supportive of the mother in getting her children back, she stated that despite the consequences of a break up in the family which is considered severe, she believes what her brother is doing is wrong! However, brother Yüksel Korkmaz has sided with the father and is likely to be assisting his brother Ali. There is a possibility both father and children are travelling under false identities.

Yüksel Korkmaz – brother of Ali Korkmaz

The travelling and legal battles have drained the desperate mother financially and she cannot afford to hire a private investigator, so she is dependent on the TV Private Investigators to assist her. Although both girls are Dutch citizens, mother Danielle is not getting any financial support as the victim of this crime against her and her two daughters. The Dutch school the girls were attending, before their school holiday abduction, has started crowd-funding for Danielle to be able to travel to Turkey and to pay for legal assistance.

If you can help in any way, please let us know. We encourage local Turkish licenced private investigators to contact us!

To assist Danielle van der Pligt financially with the travel and the court cases, please visit:

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