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Ingo Swann’s Tools to Predict next Pandemic

Last night I was going over Ingo Swann’s book “Your Nostradamus Factor”. Ingo is best known as the “father of Remote Viewing”. I happened to listen to Chapter 21 of this book last night (in Audible it is Chapter 22) where Ingo highlighted the following:

1346 – 1351 Black Death plague pandemic was predicted by astrologers on March 20, 1345. They said this pandemic would happen when Mars, Jupiter, Saturn (Neptune, which was unknown at the time), would be in conjunction.

Ingo also listed these related dates:

545 AD Great Plague during the reign of Emperor Justinian killed ½ of the Middle East population.

1348 Black Death

1525 Plague Europe during the early time of Nostradamus

1881 Cholera Pandemic

1918 Influenza claimed 25 million lives in the USA  and Europe

1952 Polio epidemic only claimed 23.000 lives because a vaccine was found.

1970 Cholera in Africa claimed 50% of the population

1979 Start of the AIDS epidemic

Ingo claimed that geo-electromagnetic changes would account for these outbreaks. According to Ingo, there appears to be a correlation between planetary alignments with pandemics.

As I was in bed listening to this audiobook, I thought well…if this is true then there must be a planetary alignment of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn right now! I am not an astrologer or astronomer, so I decided to Google this.  The exact alignment of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn is on the 20th of March 2020 (today at the time of my writing)! These alignments started to form around 31st of December 2019!

The World Health Organisation website states that “A pneumonia of an unknown cause detected in Wuhan, China was first reported to the WHO country office on 31 December 2019! The outbreak was declared a pandemic on 30th of January 2020.”

If we follow previous sequences and base our prediction on that, it would mean that the 20th of March 2020 is the peak of the outbreak on the timeline and the number of cases should slowly decrease after this date. However, it’s likely to take up to three months after the peak before this pandemic fades out completely. If this is true, we should see that major events after June 2020, will probably still go ahead. Although this does not take into account the economic impact which could have an aftereffect.

I am still astonished by the accuracy of this information, even though Ingo himself never mentioned a pandemic between January and March 2020 in his book, I guess he taught me, via his book, to look at my own “Nostrafac”. It seems that Ingo’s (and those great astrologers in 1345) observations of the correlation between this specific planetary alignment and the outbreak of a pandemic were spot on!

That means we can be prepared for the next major pandemic in 2038 when there is another alignment of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and set a reminder to start increasing the number of masks, hand sanitiser, protective equipment in 2037! I probably need to make a note to myself for 2037 “Start putting more toilet paper on my shopping list and start increasing the financial reserves required during a lockdown.”

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