How Intuitive Intelligence Can Save Companies Millions

Did you ever have a “gut-feeling” that something was about to happen? Could you sense it, but not find a reasonable explanation for your concern? Did you dismiss it or reason it away? Most people do! Because it is still socially not acceptable to talk about these kind of intuitive feelings. However, dismissing them could prove to be very costly!

The potential to save from disaster!

A few years ago, I was working at a large company. One day I had a feeling that one of the big tanks on site was going to burst. I could not tell exactly which one or what the tank contained, except for that it was a liquid.

I have no engineering background, but I decided to alert an engineer on site of my intuitive vision. I told him that quite often these “gut-feelings” do come about and usually within a week or two. I was concerned that if it did happen, it could result in casualties depending on the type of liquid. He politely thanked me for my concern, but told me that it was unlikely to happen. All tanks are regularly inspected!

Two weeks later, the inner wall of one of the water storage tanks collapsed. Fortunately the liquid was water! However, since this tank was part of a production process, the process came to a halt and a new tank had to be installed. This wasn’t scheduled maintenance and it had an effect on the entire planning.

What would it have taken for the engineer to do one extra check on the integrity of the tanks? Maintenance could have been scheduled, and possible injuries could have been prevented.

Change in Culture Could Have Prevented a Death

Years prior to that, my then partner, did a Remote Viewing session on the next disaster at his work place. He was working in a quite volatile environment and it would be logical that the next disaster would likely be an explosion. However to his surprise he sketched and described the death of a person being impaled by a long metal object. Knowing his intuitive skill, it had a 70-80% chance of actually occurring. But he would have been laughed at, and dismissed if he would have raised this potential danger to safety managers at work. So he kept the intuitive information to himself.

A few months later, a worker was impaled by a metal ladder that wasn’t secured. The ladder fell from great height and the man did not survive the injuries he sustained. A family is now without a husband, father and income provider, but this may have been prevented if the company’s culture would be accepting intuitive intelligence. In this case it cost the company millions!

Working with Intuitive Intelligence

Managers are now taught Emotional Intelligence, this is standard in the Leadership & Management practice. Understanding and controlling emotions and cold-reading are very effective tools in management and negotiation. However, sourcing Intuitive Intelligence may be an even more valuable tool if used wisely!

Many people have “gut-feelings”, intuitive vision and many of them are successful CEO’s! Research results published in the book “Executive ESP” by Douglas Dean, John Mihalasky, Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder demonstrates:

The proven links between “hunches” and success – and how businessmen employ ESP on a practical basis.

Douglas Dean, John Mihalalsky, Sheila Ostrander, Lynn Shroeder (1974)

Then why has a culture been created in which we dismiss, deny and even sometimes ridicule Intuitive Intelligence? This denial, can be very costly in many ways!

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