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Forensic Facial Reconstruction

As a Remote Viewer, I often get tasks from law enforcement agencies, local police departments or search and rescue teams to provide information on missing persons, criminal cases, fugitives and more.
Most of the time it is extremely helpful if the person who is missing or the person involved in a crime has a face! If you have a reasonable rendering of a face, a member of the public might recognise the face and give information that may push the case further.

I was looking at doing a course as a Police Sketch Artist, here in Perth, WA. Only to find there is no such thing! I called a former Western Australian Police Officer, who has been a Police Sketch Artist, and asked him to teach me. The answer was:”No, I don’t teach! I’m retired now.” I asked him what would be the best way to get trained in this skill. Most people get trained in the USA and go to the FBI for such training.

Now, I am not a person to give up easily! I looked at training in the USA. There is a lady in Houston Texas by the name of Lois Gibson. She holds the world record in solving cases by means of her Forensic Sketches and she teaches classes! I would love to learn from the best! However, a trip over to the USA is not in the realm of possibilities at the moment, so I looked for the next best thing!

The University of Sheffield – UK, has an online course in Forensic Facial Reconstruction. Which can be used to give John or Jane Doe a face, or it can be used to make facial reconstructions of historical figures from archaeological sites. These are often displayed in Museums as part of bringing history to life!

Although it was not what I was looking for, it will help my visual expression abilities of human faces! When Remote Viewing a person, it is handy to have the ability to accurately relay the information of the facial features of this person in either a sketch or a 3 dimensional rendering.

The course was a case study of a real homicide case in the UK, which had been solved by means of Forensic Science and Forensic Facial Reconstruction. Now, of course I am not working on a real case, but I do like to put the theory into practice! So I decided to purchase a replica cast of a real human skull, usually used for educational purposes.

It is time to put into practice what I have learned during the course! Of course step 1 is examining the skull and obtaining the history where possible. In this case with a replica of unknown origin, it is difficult to do!
But the following facts where available from preliminary examination:

1. The features of the skull, especially the supra-orbital ridge indicates the subject is likely male. Also the posterior of the skull has a distinct ridge, which is common in males. The shape of the eye-socket has more square features and also the jaw line is distinctively square, which is both indicative of the subject being a male.
2. The form and shape of the nasal cavity indicates, the subject is likely of Caucasian ancestry, but this could be from Northern European all the way to the Middle East. Since there are no DNA samples available this would be a rough estimate.
3. Age indications, suggests the subject is, probably around 30 – 35 years of age. The skull has fully matured, although some of the fissures are still very prominent, they are fully closed. The dental structure appears to be fully in tact, no signs of tooth decay.
4. Muscle attachments are not overly prominent, which suggests the subject was not overly muscular.

From the initial assessment and the little information available. I have determined the subject is a Caucasian male, between the age of 30-35, with good dental health and not overly muscular.

And after applying the tissue-depth markers, the major muscles, and some filling for the eyes, the tissue is slowly built up to where the markers end and the shape of a face becomes visible. Mr. John Doe, has come to life!

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Cert. - Forensic Facial Reconstruction (University of Sheffield - UK)
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