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“Can you find missing persons?” This is a question I get asked over and over again. The answer is:” Remote Viewers do not find missing persons. Search and rescue teams and law enforcement agencies find missing persons.

A Remote Viewer simply provides information on where a person might be, to law enforcement or search and rescue teams. This information can assist the investigators in locating the person.

Information Accuracy

The information perceived by means of Remote Viewing is no different to that of an eye-witness, who has just been blind folded and dropped into a location.

Imagine Google maps, where you can drop this “little man” on almost any location on earth and have a “street view”. If you suddenly get dropped into a scene like that, without the street names projected over the map, could you tell me exactly where you are?

Have a look at the snapshot below. Would it be reasonable for me to ask you for an address, a town, a state or country? I think you can agree the answer would be: “No.” This place could be just about anywhere in the world! It doesn’t matter if you are suddenly dropped right in front of it or if you perceived it suddenly via extrasensory perception, if you don’t live there you probably wouldn’t know the address or how to get there. Even the entire local law enforcement division may not recognize this place because it is very non-descriptive. (This snapshot is an actual location very close to where a homicide victim and missing person was found.)

An experienced Remote Viewer knows that, even if you are spot on, this kind of information is practically useless to the search and rescue teams and you will need to look for other indicators. The target cue or question may have been:”Describe the location of {missing person’s name}.” In this case, that would be a “field, farm land, structure nearby, nothing but fields and long straight road!” Although it looks like this missing person is NOT in the ocean, in a city, a big lake, inside a house or shopping mall, “in a field” is pretty much still looking for a needle in a haystack!

What would you do? If you report this to police, it will end up in the too hard basket, even if you are correct! So you will have to find something more useful. How did this missing person end up in this field?

Suddenly your “little Google man” drops into someone’s car, who is driving at night. This person seems agitated, nervous, angry, perspiring and “hyper” like he had 20 cups of coffee! You are sitting in the passenger’s seat right next to this person, but you don’t know how you got to be in a driving car. Who is this guy? Where am I? Why is he so agitated and nervous?

You are driving past a fuel station and in the dark you see a sign of a star-logo, something red and white like a “TEXACO” logo, or similar. You see some lights flashing by as if you are going past street lights. You get the overwhelming smell of stinky socks! It is like this guy has been running a marathon. You are on a long straight road in the dark and the headlights just light up edges of fields. Who is this guy? Is there anything in the car that could identify him? You spot a card sticking out of a dashboard compartment, something with the word “ember”, when you look closely it says “Membership”. This may or may not be something identifiable but you notice a particular logo.

Your attention is drawn to the thing he is nervous about. He is hiding something, enclosed, encased and it is moving. It is actually moving at the same speed as we are. This could be the boot of the car and you perceive a flash of something dark red. Then you get a “claustrophobic” feeling. You want to get out of this enclosed space, but you can’t move. Is this guy hiding someone in the boot of his car? Is this someone struggling to get out?

You are still in the passenger seat, watching this guy driving in the dark and you pass by some orange flashing lights, like the ones in road works. There are no particular road signs you can see. But you now have some more useful information. You can at least sketch the guy who was hiding something or more likely someone in the back of this car.

  • the missing person is in a field (hard to find and non-descript)
  • a guy with tanned skin, dark hair, dark brown eyes, mustache and some facial hair (South American looking) was nervous, agitated, angry
  • he has sweaty socks and it seems he has been running a marathon before getting into the car
  • this guy transported someone in the boot of the vehicle
  • to get to the field he drove past a fuel station and a sign similar to the Texaco star
  • after that he drove past road works, with orange flashing lights
  • he has a membership card in the car that looks like possibly a gym membership

You submit this information and the sketches of what you perceived.

A couple of days later, you receive news that a man fitting the exact description has been taken into custody and led police to the body of the missing person in a field. He had chatted with the missing person, whilst running and his vehicle was recorded on CCTV. To get to the location of the field he had to drive past an intersection with a fuel station and a bit further down there was a sign similar to the Texaco logo of a business named “Lone Star”. He also had to drive past a road block sign for road works. This indeed happened at night in the dark.

After notes

Hearing this, you now start shaking like a leaf! What the ….!! You were in the car with this guy while he was driving with the missing person in the boot! The eerie feeling is indescribable! You break down in tears, because although as a remote viewer you can have the feeling you are “there”, while physically you are thousands of miles away. There is nothing you could have done. Yet, it appears to have helped the investigation and the family and friends can now finally have closure.

This is how Remote Viewing can assist in finding missing persons. With enough training, practice and a background in investigations almost anyone can do it. But it is not easy!!

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Cert. IV - Vocational Educational Training & Assessment
Cert. III - Investigations
Cert. II - Security Operations
Cert. - Forensic Facial Reconstruction (University of Sheffield - UK)
Cert. - Coordinate Remote Viewing & Extended Remote Viewing
Statement of Attainment - Screen People / Screen Items
Certificate of Attainment - Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy
METT Micro Expression Training Advanced - Expert Level Certificate
Cert. - Statistical Analysis of fMRI Data (John Hopkins University)
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Cert - Understanding Origins of Crime (Griffith University)
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