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CRV Apprenticeship Program

Remote Viewing Apprenticeship Program what is that?

It is for those who have completed the full CRV course. They can apply their newly learned skill set in real live situations. We all work pro-bono on humanitarian (not for profit) projects, which are not bound by non-disclosure agreements. These can be solutions to problems, cold cases, lost objects etc.

Why are you not charging for these projects and why are you all working Pro Bono on these cases?

For one, new Remote Viewers need to have an opportunity to create credentials and a proven track record, before clients are willing to hire them. The only way to prove you can produce something of value is to demonstrate it. In the corporate world this is difficult, because once you sign a non-disclosure agreement you cannot show case your work no matter how good it was!

Doing some Pro Bono work first will build that track record! A simple piece of paper that says you have been trained in CRV only tells clients you have an understanding of how this works but it tells them nothing about your actual ability. 

We work on these projects with the understanding that we are allowed to showcase the work we have done. That is in fact our payment! However in some cases, clients are so appreciative of our work that they will donate to our group and those who participated in the project will receive an equal share, or in consultation with those on the team we will donate to a good cause.

In some cases, the individual Remote Viewers have the opportunity to submit their own work for innovation awards or prizes. If their work wins, the prize money or goods are theirs to keep.

Do CRV graduates have to participate?

No, the apprenticeship program voluntary! CRV graduates will receive assignments but they can choose not to participate by simply not submitting their work.

Do graduates ever get paid?

Yes, they do. If their work is of good quality and clients like their work, they can get paid assignments, usually under a non-disclosure agreement. It’s up to the Remote Viewer if they accept.

Do they have to work for you after graduation?

No, they are free to work for anyone they wish, there is nothing stopping them from working for different companies, as long as they are not breaching any signed non-disclosure agreements.

Can you show case any recent work?

Yes, I can! With permission of the recent graduates who have completed the full CRV course of 7 weeks, I am happy to show a project we worked on for NASA Tournament Lab and HeroX. Each individual Remote Viewer has the opportunity to submit their work and win a prize.

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Sandra holds the following qualifications:
Dip. Graphic Design
Dip. Counselling
Dip. Management & Entrepreneurship
Cert. Hypnotherapy
Cert. IV - Vocational Educational Training & Assessment
Cert. III - Investigations
Cert. II - Security Operations
Cert. - Forensic Facial Reconstruction (University of Sheffield - UK)
Cert. - Coordinate Remote Viewing & Extended Remote Viewing
Statement of Attainment - Screen People / Screen Items
Certificate of Attainment - Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy
METT Micro Expression Training Advanced - Expert Level Certificate
Cert. - Statistical Analysis of fMRI Data (John Hopkins University)
Cert. of Achievement - Teaching Adult Learners (Central Institute of Technology)
Cert. Quark Xpress
Cert. Photoshop
Cert. - Collecting Pathology Specimens other than Blood
Cert. - Dangerous Goods Awareness Training Aviation
Cert. - Dangerous Goods by Air Acceptance
Cert. - Well Being (Murdoch University)
Cert. - Foundations of Psychology (RMIT University)
Cert - Understanding Origins of Crime (Griffith University)
Cert - HR & Payroll Management Course
TAEASS502 - Design and Develop Assessment Tools