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Double Dutch Interview

For those of you who do not speak Dutch, it will probably sound like your speakers are failing you, but I can assure you that is not the case! I was recently interviewed twice by SBS Dutch Radio, here in Australia. Yes, the interviews are in the Dutch language. Het Lawnbowls koffertje en de detective […]

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Science and Application of Remote Viewing

In November 2019 I held a presentation on the Science and Application of Remote Viewing at the AIPR Mini-Conference in Sydney, Australia. Many people have been asking me about the video and the presentation because they were unable to attend. With many thanks to Martyn & Sam of the video crew, and the entire AIPR […]


Sandra Hilleard

Who am I? Well, that depends on who you ask I guess. I’d like to keep it “undefined” but in this world where everything needs several labels it is difficult to remain undefined. Brief History I’m originally from the Netherlands, to most foreigners, also known as “Holland”. Yes, that is that tiny, innovative, country in […]