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Legal & Ethical Questions of Finding a Person

A few months ago, I received a request, from a young man, who met a young lady at a sand sculpture festival in the Netherlands. They briefly spoke but were both with their own families at the time. The situation didn’t allow them to speak longer or get contact details and they lost sight of […]

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Forensic Sketching

What has forensic sketching got to do with Remote Viewing? Well, a lot actually! Remote Viewers use Extrasensory Perception to obtain information on people, places, things and events, remote in space-time under controlled conditions, following specific reporting procedures. Part of that task is to sketch and describe what is being perceived. In principle, it is […]

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Sandra Hilleard – Art Works

Not many people know that I have made quite a few commissioned art works. I think it is one of my best kept secrets, I was a gallery owner and some of my art was sold at an art gallery in Aalsmeer – The Netherlands. I had to say “goodbye” to all of my artworks, […]