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Sandra Hilleard Academy

Some of you may have already noticed some changes. Sandra Hilleard Training and Workshops has changed to Sandra Hilleard Academy. Although the transition is a lot more work than initially anticipated, it is going to fill the many requests, for additional training and workshops in the field of Remote Viewing and other Mind Science related […]

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Double Dutch Interview

For those of you who do not speak Dutch, it will probably sound like your speakers are failing you, but I can assure you that is not the case! I was recently interviewed twice by SBS Dutch Radio, here in Australia. Yes, the interviews are in the Dutch language. Het Lawnbowls koffertje en de detective […]

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CRV Apprenticeship Program

Remote Viewing Apprenticeship Program what is that? It is for those who have completed the full CRV course. They can apply their newly learned skill set in real live situations. We all work pro-bono on humanitarian (not for profit) projects, which are not bound by non-disclosure agreements. These can be solutions to problems, cold cases, […]


Remote Viewing Operational Work

“Engaging the Client for Success” is a presentation by my highly regarded colleague in the USA; Gail Clayton-Husick of the Husick Group LCC. Gail is a licenced private investigator in Washington State, USA and holds a Harvard Law degree. Her Remote Viewing group has an impressive track record, which is a great achievement because her […]

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Science and Application of Remote Viewing

In November 2019 I held a presentation on the Science and Application of Remote Viewing at the AIPR Mini-Conference in Sydney, Australia. Many people have been asking me about the video and the presentation because they were unable to attend. With many thanks to Martyn & Sam of the video crew, and the entire AIPR […]

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Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research

The AIPR is based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and has been organising research into paranormal phenomena for more than 20 years. Although based in Australia, they welcome members from all around the world! The Australian Journal of Parapsychology is highly regarded around the world and distributed to universities, libraries, parapsychological research groups, mental […]

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Legal & Ethical Questions of Finding a Person

A few months ago, I received a request, from a young man, who met a young lady at a sand sculpture festival in the Netherlands. They briefly spoke but were both with their own families at the time. The situation didn’t allow them to speak longer or get contact details and they lost sight of […]

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Ingo Swann’s Tools to Predict next Pandemic

Last night I was going over Ingo Swann’s book “Your Nostradamus Factor”. Ingo is best known as the “father of Remote Viewing”. I happened to listen to Chapter 21 of this book last night (in Audible it is Chapter 22) where Ingo highlighted the following: 1346 – 1351 Black Death plague pandemic was predicted by […]

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The impact of COVID-19 Pandemic

Many businesses are impacted by the global pandemic of COVID-19. Our Remote Viewing training courses are also affected. Countries around the world have implemented measures to control the spread of this virus, in an attempt to keep the public safe. Training Scheduling Due to the current situation, we are unable to plan and schedule training […]

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International Assistance Required: Sisters Zeliha and Samiha abducted in Turkey

The Dutch sisters Zeliha and Samiha Korkmaz (van der Pligt), were abducted by their Turkish father while on holiday in Turkey. The custody of the children was assigned to the mother Danielle van der Pligt who had divorced their father Ali Korkmaz in 2010. The father decided to move back to Turkey, the girls stayed […]