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Perth Researcher Brings former US Military Psychic Spy Program to Australia

Perth Researcher Brings former US Military Psychic Spy Program to Australia
Researcher claims everyone is “psychic” to some degree

Perth, Western Australia – 2 May, 2019, is excited to announce their online remote viewing research program named ProjectX. “Starting a new research project is always challenging,” said Sandra Hilleard. “When looking at the increasing interest and demand from the public, starting research in a controlled form of Extrasensory Perception was the right choice! Everyone has these psychic or intuitive abilities to some degree. The underlying processes of this ability however, require further investigation.” is an online testing and practice ground for people who claim to have psychic abilities and those who have been trained in a skill called Remote Viewing.

The online site allows users to test their abilities and practice their skill under double-blind conditions. The system is unique in that it provides immediate and elaborate feedback to the user, once the user has submitted their perceptions of a preset hidden target. This data will be collected under the user’s screen name only and will be compared to other studies, such as the Global Consciousness Project.

 “We recently received expressions of interest in the online application from companies in the USA and Europe,” said Sandra Hilleard. “We are currently exploring the possibility of adding additional features to the application upon request of the interested parties.”

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Sandra Hilleard
Title: Remote Viewing Researcher / Developer
Phone: (+61) 0449 642 134

Remote Viewing Research is a privately funded research project, founded by Sandra Hilleard.

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Sandra holds the following qualifications:
Dip. Graphic Design
Dip. Counselling
Dip. Management & Entrepreneurship
Cert. Hypnotherapy
Cert. IV - Vocational Educational Training & Assessment
Cert. III - Investigations
Cert. II - Security Operations
Cert. - Forensic Facial Reconstruction (University of Sheffield - UK)
Cert. - Coordinate Remote Viewing & Extended Remote Viewing
Statement of Attainment - Screen People / Screen Items
Certificate of Attainment - Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy
METT Micro Expression Training Advanced - Expert Level Certificate
Cert. - Statistical Analysis of fMRI Data (John Hopkins University)
Cert. of Achievement - Teaching Adult Learners (Central Institute of Technology)
Cert. Quark Xpress
Cert. Photoshop
Cert. - Collecting Pathology Specimens other than Blood
Cert. - Dangerous Goods Awareness Training Aviation
Cert. - Dangerous Goods by Air Acceptance
Cert. - Well Being (Murdoch University)
Cert. - Foundations of Psychology (RMIT University)
Cert - Understanding Origins of Crime (Griffith University)
Cert - HR & Payroll Management Course
TAEASS502 - Design and Develop Assessment Tools