Remote Viewing Student

After almost 10 years I am still in contact with some of the former students who have attended the Remote Viewing Training Course, here in Perth, Western Australia.

Sydney based Artist Stephen Hamper is one of them. With his background in Arts, he was one of those exceptional students who really took off once trained in Remote Viewing.

I still remember the day in class, when he was tasked with his first full Remote Viewing Session. Half way through, he got up from his chair, put the stack of bond paper spread out on the floor, and produced stage 3 sketches like I have never seen before!

After the session I asked: “Why did you suddenly start working on the floor?” His reply:”I just didn’t have enough space to get it all out!” It was an absolute joy to see him work on the session like that. Although I never thought students would start using the floor, with several sheets as a “canvas”.

Stephen is not only a very skilful Artist, he is an incredible Remote Viewer and now, also a Remote Viewing Trainer. It has been an honour to pass the skill of Remote Viewing on to him!

The Photo Gallery below displays one of Stephen Hamper’s Remote Viewing Sessions. (Published with permission of Stephen Hamper).