Remote Viewing Student

After almost 10 years I am still in contact with some of the former students who have attended the Remote Viewing Training Course, here in Perth, Western Australia.

Sydney based Artist Stephen Hamper is one of them. With his background in Arts, he was one of those exceptional students who really took off once trained in Remote Viewing.

I still remember the day in class, when he was tasked with his first full Remote Viewing Session. Half way through, he got up from his chair, put the stack of bond paper spread out on the floor, and produced stage 3 sketches like I have never seen before!

After the session I asked: “Why did you suddenly start working on the floor?” His reply:”I just didn’t have enough space to get it all out!” It was an absolute joy to see him work on the session like that. Although I never thought students would start using the floor, with several sheets as a “canvas”.

Stephen is not only a very skilful Artist, he is an incredible Remote Viewer and now, also a Remote Viewing Trainer. It has been an honour to pass the skill of Remote Viewing on to him!

The Photo Gallery below displays one of Stephen Hamper’s Remote Viewing Sessions. (Published with permission of Stephen Hamper).

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Missing Persons – FindMe

Detective Kelly Snyder – Founder of FindMe

In 2010 I started doing some work for the FindMe group. FindMe is a U.S.A. based charity founded by retired Federal Agent Kelly Snyder, to assist law enforcement in missing person cases and unresolved homicide cases. His team of volunteers consists of retired law enforcement officers, private investigators, search and rescue volunteers, canine units, air support and vetted intuitive consultants. I was very fortunate to join the team as a vetted Remote Viewer (Intuitive – Consultant).

The criteria for joining the FindMe Group are very strict. Members / Volunteers are on call 24/7 and need to respond at all times. Especially in case of “Amber Alerts” a response is required within 48 hrs. Anyone who wants to join goes through background checks and a probation period, before being fully accepted. All information and reports on each case need to be submitted in the specified format unless otherwise indicated. These volunteers all have professional backgrounds in their respective field and work together with one thing in mind; Bring the person home!

I have worked several cases for the FindMe Group during that period. Apart from being on call at all times (which was a bit of a problem, next to a full time occupation, with irregular hours), I think the toughest part of the job was dealing with the emotional aspects in certain cases. No matter how skilled you are and, how tough you are, you know that lives of human beings are at stake.

It is still, after all these years, pretty amazing to me that; I am able to provide information on missing person and homicide cases in the USA (and Europe), while living and working in Western Australia.

In 2012 I had the privilege of meeting Detective Kelly Snyder in Phoenix – Arizona. Over lunch we were able to discuss some of the cases we had worked on.

Working with the FindMe team has given me great insight in the practical applications of Remote Viewing and how it translates to field work. Although I could not continue to participate in the group after a while, due to other work commitments, I really believe Detective Kelly and his Team are doing immensely important work! Helping families either, finding their loved ones, or at least getting closure.

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Memories I.R.V.A. 2012

Today I was going through some old files and photos and I found some great blasts from the past! In particular great memories of the International Remote Viewing Conference in 2012.

Visionary Jim Channon

 Jim is unfortunately no longer with us in the physical world, but he was a man of great vision and insight! He was the shaman, the story teller, the artist and much more. The inventor of “The First Earth Battalion”, which was later depicted in the movie “The Men who Stare at Goats” as “The New Earth Battalion”. It was an honor to meet this inspiring man!

Lyn Buchanan

Lyn Buchanan was one of the former “Psychic Spies” and he still is one of the best Remote Viewing Trainers and a great mentor! His technique of data analysis is still commonly used throughout the Remote Viewing community, and has certainly helped many develop their skill. Lyn is the author of the book “The Seventh Sense” and developed his version of  “Controlled Remote Viewing”. Through the years Lyn has given me some valuable insights, through his presentations, our chats and, his answers on several Facebook groups. I had the privilege of having lunch with Lyn in Las Vegas during that time, and it was as always, very insightful!

Courtney Brown

Director of The Farsight Institute Prof. Courtney Brown was one of the speakers at the conference. His unique approach of the topic of Remote Viewing certainly gained a lot of attention. During lunch with Courtney, I remember his plans to expand Remote Viewing Training to the African continent. Not only is Courtney a Prof. in Mathematics, he is also a very creative and entrepreneurial spirit. The Remote Viewing topics he chooses certainly keep everyone on the edge of their seat!

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Sandra Hilleard

Who am I? Well, that depends on who you ask I guess. I’d like to keep it “undefined” but in this world where everything needs several labels it is difficult to remain undefined.

Brief History

I’m originally from the Netherlands, to most foreigners, also known as “Holland”. Yes, that is that tiny, innovative, country in Europe with approximately 17 million people and, about the same amount of bicycles. I was working as a graphic designer, web designer and a visual artist / painter. 

Apart from being “creative”, my mind also appeared to have another trait, which some would call “being psychic or clairvoyant”. This became so prominent in my life that I could no longer ignore the fact that there was more going on than mere coincidence or a figment of my imagination.

Between 2005 and 2007 I learned that the US military had used “psychic spies” to obtain information on people, places and things, distant in space and or time. Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park California had two laser physicists who had been researching this phenomena named “Remote Viewing”. I started to investigate and test my abilities in this area.

In 2008 I moved to Perth, Western Australia, to be with a man I met in London at a meet-up for Remote Viewers. We got married and started the Remote Viewing Unit in Australia. For most of that year I studied old PSI-TECH video tapes by Major Ed Dames. What was taught in those tapes was very basic and, it did not correspond with my personal experience of how this ‘natural ability’ works. In 2009 we went to Carlsbad – California where we both received training from David Morehouse Phd. (a former Military Remote Viewer, who worked with Ed Dames). This training in Coordinate Remote Viewing and Extended Remote Viewing, made far more sense to me.

I created a training package, a website and promotional material and, the Remote Viewing Unit was born. We gave training to our very first Remote Viewing students in Australia. As trainers we needed to improve our teaching skills, to ensure the students would receive quality training, which would meet the Australian Standards. We became qualified Cert. IV Trainers & Assessors. For years we would give private tuition and courses in Perth & Sydney Australia and we would run the occasional “out-bounder” experiment.

In 2017, after 8 years of marriage, this chapter finally came to an end and I filed for a divorce. This was not only the end of the marriage but also the end of the business, I worked so hard to create. Some might say: “Well, you are psychic, but you didn’t see that coming!” … Actually, (and sadly) I did!

It was however, not the end of my passion for Remote Viewing, Anomalous Cognition, Extrasensory Perception and Consciousness.


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Remote Viewing Practice Target Database

Remote Viewing Students and even experienced Remote Viewers have often asked how to practice their skill and be totally blind to the target if they are working alone. This is a good question! Even when you are creating your own target pool as described in the training course, you still know what targets are in your pool and the chances of you ‘guessing’ rather than using your extrasensory perception skills are still a possibility.

For practice I usually refer to a brilliant website called Tenthousandroads or TKR Dojo-Psi. This site was developed by Palyne Gaenir and it has all the tools to get you started with remote viewing practice targets. You will be totally blind because the database has thousands of target photographs and you will not get the feedback until you have submitted your data. The feedback consists of the photograph and sometimes a title description that does not provide any additional data or reference to where to find more information about the target.

It is my goal to design a Remote Viewing Target Practice Database Application that will not only contain interesting Target material, but will also provide ample feedback to the user, which is essential for learning Remote Viewing! Feedback is the only thing that can give an indication of how we are performing and if that feedback is minimum it will not enable the full opportunity to learn.

Another thing that is important to most Remote Viewers is to have a reference to the location of the target, preferably in the form of a map-reference. Although this is not always possible for every single target, most targets can have a map-reference either on earth or in space. This will also allow dowsers to practice and hone their skills by providing them feedback for their session in the form of a map reference.

Gestalts or Ideogram information is also very important to Remote Viewers, as it will give an indication if the Remote Viewer was generally on target. The design will measure the amount of gestalts the Remote Viewer has viewed correctly and will give a percentage in the user’s dashboard of their performance. This allows for an unbiased measure of the target against the perception of the gestalt.

Another feature that is going to be part of the system is that the user can download their feedback and their submitted session data as a pdf for their own records or to share with other groups.

In addition, the admin part of the system will allow for researchers to combine and compare data, to select different categories and compare certain target categories with other data. This in turn will assist in identifying correlations between certain events (Global Consciousness effects) and scores, or certain target types (eg. emotional impact targets) and success rates.

Privacy and Security features are also taken into account. Although users are required to enter full name at registration, the data will only be displayed publicly under their (screen name) or username, users will have the option to make their email address public or keep it private.

The design will be modular so that at a later stage features can be added to the system, without having to rewrite the entire structure.

It will be a few months before the first prototype is ready for testing. Exciting times for Remote Viewers, Remote Viewing Trainers and PSI Researchers!


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Future dreamcatcher

At times I find myself waking up from a dream and I wonder if what I was dreaming is really going to happen.

Dream Time

I remember my mother telling me of a dream that actually came true. In her dream she was driving nearby our home and she suddenly hit the brakes. A little boy on a bicycle came from behind a home on a corner and she braked so hard in her dream that she actually kicked the bed end off the bed! As a result, my mum and dad both landed on the floor and the bed obviously needed repairing. My mum was quite distressed, because in her dream she hit a little boy on a bicycle.

That morning, my mum took the car to get some groceries. As she drove around the corner, she instinctively hit the brake before she could even see anything. Our neighbor boy shot across the road on his bicycle!

Did this dream the night before prevent the accident? Was it a warning of the subconscious mind to be careful of something that was already “set in motion”? Perhaps it was simply a coincidence?

But then again, what are the odds of someone dreaming of that exact event the night before?

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Privately Funded Research

Since the early 1970’s several research institutes around the world have taken an interest in Remote Viewing an Anomalous Cognition. Many of these projects were funded by (mainly) government agencies, for the purpose of military and law enforcement intelligence applications. For decades most of this research was classified. After 1995 there has been an increase in public awareness of these programs and many members of the public received training from some of the former “psychic spies” or those who claimed to be.

Developments in Remote Viewing

It appears the original purpose of “training people” was to recruit people who had “secret and/or top-secret” clearances, who were already displaying some natural abilities. In order to measure their performance, consistent means of reporting had to be developed. It had to be the type of report that would be useful to intelligence analysts.

Another issue they were facing at the time, was that of establishing credibility by obtaining solid evidence that this information was indeed obtained by means of Extrasensory Perception alone. They would have to be able to justify the funding and show results that would not only be extraordinary, but also practically useful.

From the fact that these projects were funded from the early 1970’s to the mid 1990’s, we can conclude that there were useful applications for this tool. Considering each financial year the budget was reviewed and it was a relatively low cost solution, that could have very valuable results in terms of intelligence information.

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