Mini-Conference AIPR – Sydney

I was honoured to be speaking at the AIPR (Australian Institute for Parapsychological Research) in Sydney last weekend. The program consisted of:

  • Author and UFO researcher Bill Chalker, presented his findings in the field of UFO sightings and the more recent disclosure of the US Navy regarding encounters with Unidentified Areal Phenomena (UAP’s). Bill has collected an enormous amount of information and he has a wealth of knowledge in the field. He presented a long list of cases he investigated and pointed out that certain people may know far more than they are willing to share with the public.
  • Professor Tony Mowbray presented his research of 1.000 individual accounts of haunting experiences at Port Arthur and the challenge of classifying and measuring these personal accounts. Tony invited the audience to label a particularly personal account to determine if the audience would use different or similar labels. Classifying labels I personally assigned to the described experience was: Sensory experiences, such as temperature change, touch and visual experiences as described in the case study. Emotional Impact experiences, such as instant emotional change. Physiological change, such as physical pain or discomfort. During the Q&A session, a lady shared her personal experience at Port Arthur and recommended people not to take the ghost-tours as they could have some serious consequences. In her case, the behaviour of her travel companion changed dramatically after the visit to irresponsible driving to the point they could have been killed. That is one more Tony can add to the list of over 1.000 accounts of people who have visited Port Arthur.
  • Professor Lance Storm and Robb Tilley gave an excellent presentation on the Remote Clearing of Haunted houses. Lance Storm presented the statistical analysis of the surveys measuring the quality of life for those who experienced haunting and whether or not they experienced improvement in the quality of life after the Remote Clearing of their homes. The quality of life after clearing showed significant improvement and most claimed they were no longer being haunted after the clearing. Robb Tilley explained how this Remote Clearing process worked and made an excellent point that this method is safer and, far less intrusive than exorcism traditionally used by the church, which has in at least 40 known cases, resulted in the death of the person being exorcised and, the prosecution of the exorcist for murder.

Last on the list was my presentation on the science and applications of Remote Viewing. I was amazed by the amount of interest there was for the topic of Remote Viewing. After a brief introduction of some of my personal experiences with spontaneous Extrasensory Perception and Lucid Dreaming, I explained the difference between a natural Psychic and a Remote Viewer. I ran a thought experiment, whereby I took the audience on a journey of perception as if they were a Remote Viewer. What the audience didn’t know at the time was that this was an actual Remote Viewing Session that I was tasked with, by someone in contact with the FBI. I demonstrated the challenges of Remote Viewing a real case for Law Enforcement and also how the information can help solve a case. I highlighted the importance of feedback and factual evidence and also why using the scientific approach is incredibly valuable. This was followed by some basic rules when working on Law Enforcement cases, such as legal issues and health and safety issues, which need to be taken into account when working these types of cases. The audience had some excellent questions about the work ethics of Remote Viewers. Although can only speak for myself; I gave an example of how it is possible to locate a person, using a Private Investigator who investigates the information provided by Remote Viewers and how this protects the person’s identity by law, in case the person does not want to be found by the person who is looking for them. Another great question was regarding setting Remote Viewing tasks for oneself. The process for this would have taken too long to explain and this is part of the intensive Remote Viewing training program.

Then there was a short break. I was approached by several people with questions and for book signing, I apologised because I really needed some water and fresh air before diving into the next part of the talk. It was quite warm in the room and the air conditioning would make too much noise on the audio part of the video recording. I promised there would be some time after the second part.

During the break information was presented on the launch on a new documentary by Dr. Tony Jinks and Mr Attila Kaldy on the Australian Big Foot, also known as the Yowie. We had the privilege of attending the launch of this documentary the night before in “The Powerhouse” in Sydney. The documentary showed various interesting features in the area the Yowie had been sighted and many accounts of people who describe a similar creature or hearing unusual sounds in this area. It remains a challenge to obtain physical evidence of this elusive creature, which has been mentioned in the traditional stories of the Aboriginal communities for thousands of years.

The second part of my presentation consisted of a very brief overview of the history and science of Remote Viewing and a Mini-Workshop of less than 30 minutes. I explained that this is by no means the full training! I presented the fact that it is based on perception and communication and, how the descriptions are often correct perceptions, but the labels we tend to give these descriptions often tend to be incorrect. These labels are based on our memories. I also pointed out that the mind is like a two-way radio; You cannot talk and listen at the same time! Similarly, you cannot think and perceive at the same time. The process is undulating or alternating thinking and perceiving. However, it is not guessing! So the specific thinking question should be:”What am I perceiving?” rather than “What is the target?”. The history of the Ideogram was briefly explained and how that was developed.

The audience was invited to participate in a double-blind experiment. ProjectX a program designed for Remote Viewing practice and research purposes generates a random number and, assigns this to a target. This means that no one in the room knows what the target is!

I asked the audience what they picked up on: Land, water, mountain, structure, life form or energy. The majority vote was water. Once the data was entered, the feedback was shown. It was the Enigma Machine to send encoded messages during WWII, which at the time the photo was taken, was part of the exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London. The descriptions called out by the audience were off target. That was to be expected, this a less than a 30-minute workshop! However, after the workshop, several people approached me with their sketches and accurate descriptions of the target. One person actually, had a very clear sketch of the old-style circular “type-writer” key with the letter “G” and another person sketched the layers of these keys. It was a shame those people didn’t speak up during the mini-workshop, but I know all too well how it feels to hit the target and be totally speechless!

After the workshop, many people lined up to speak with me. We were actually running a bit over time and the crew started to take the chairs away to pack up. Still, people waited around to speak with me. One after another shared their stories, asked me questions or, wanted their book signed. It was a great pleasure to hear that people really enjoyed the talk and the mini-workshop. Many stated that they actually learned something from it. I met so many people in such a short period of time, which was a bit overwhelming (especially for generally introverted me), but at the same time, it was wonderful to see the interest in something I have studied and practised for so many years!

Lance Storm, Robb Tilley, the committee members and the film crew have done an amazing job! I am so grateful for the opportunity to share the Remote Viewing experience with other interested people, right here in Australia!

The videos of the speakers are expected to be available late December or early January on the website. Photo courtesy of all photos in this post: Joyce Bok.

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Find the Missing Person

“Can you find missing persons?” This is a question I get asked over and over again. The answer is:” Remote Viewers do not find missing persons. Search and rescue teams and law enforcement agencies find missing persons.

A Remote Viewer simply provides information on where a person might be, to law enforcement or search and rescue teams. This information can assist the investigators in locating the person.

Information Accuracy

The information perceived by means of Remote Viewing is no different to that of an eye-witness, who has just been blind folded and dropped into a location.

Imagine Google maps, where you can drop this “little man” on almost any location on earth and have a “street view”. If you suddenly get dropped into a scene like that, without the street names projected over the map, could you tell me exactly where you are?

Have a look at the snapshot below. Would it be reasonable for me to ask you for an address, a town, a state or country? I think you can agree the answer would be: “No.” This place could be just about anywhere in the world! It doesn’t matter if you are suddenly dropped right in front of it or if you perceived it suddenly via extrasensory perception, if you don’t live there you probably wouldn’t know the address or how to get there. Even the entire local law enforcement division may not recognize this place because it is very non-descriptive. (This snapshot is an actual location very close to where a homicide victim and missing person was found.)

An experienced Remote Viewer knows that, even if you are spot on, this kind of information is practically useless to the search and rescue teams and you will need to look for other indicators. The target cue or question may have been:”Describe the location of {missing person’s name}.” In this case, that would be a “field, farm land, structure nearby, nothing but fields and long straight road!” Although it looks like this missing person is NOT in the ocean, in a city, a big lake, inside a house or shopping mall, “in a field” is pretty much still looking for a needle in a haystack!

What would you do? If you report this to police, it will end up in the too hard basket, even if you are correct! So you will have to find something more useful. How did this missing person end up in this field?

Suddenly your “little Google man” drops into someone’s car, who is driving at night. This person seems agitated, nervous, angry, perspiring and “hyper” like he had 20 cups of coffee! You are sitting in the passenger’s seat right next to this person, but you don’t know how you got to be in a driving car. Who is this guy? Where am I? Why is he so agitated and nervous?

You are driving past a fuel station and in the dark you see a sign of a star-logo, something red and white like a “TEXACO” logo, or similar. You see some lights flashing by as if you are going past street lights. You get the overwhelming smell of stinky socks! It is like this guy has been running a marathon. You are on a long straight road in the dark and the headlights just light up edges of fields. Who is this guy? Is there anything in the car that could identify him? You spot a card sticking out of a dashboard compartment, something with the word “ember”, when you look closely it says “Membership”. This may or may not be something identifiable but you notice a particular logo.

Your attention is drawn to the thing he is nervous about. He is hiding something, enclosed, encased and it is moving. It is actually moving at the same speed as we are. This could be the boot of the car and you perceive a flash of something dark red. Then you get a “claustrophobic” feeling. You want to get out of this enclosed space, but you can’t move. Is this guy hiding someone in the boot of his car? Is this someone struggling to get out?

You are still in the passenger seat, watching this guy driving in the dark and you pass by some orange flashing lights, like the ones in road works. There are no particular road signs you can see. But you now have some more useful information. You can at least sketch the guy who was hiding something or more likely someone in the back of this car.

  • the missing person is in a field (hard to find and non-descript)
  • a guy with tanned skin, dark hair, dark brown eyes, mustache and some facial hair (South American looking) was nervous, agitated, angry
  • he has sweaty socks and it seems he has been running a marathon before getting into the car
  • this guy transported someone in the boot of the vehicle
  • to get to the field he drove past a fuel station and a sign similar to the Texaco star
  • after that he drove past road works, with orange flashing lights
  • he has a membership card in the car that looks like possibly a gym membership

You submit this information and the sketches of what you perceived.

A couple of days later, you receive news that a man fitting the exact description has been taken into custody and led police to the body of the missing person in a field. He had chatted with the missing person, whilst running and his vehicle was recorded on CCTV. To get to the location of the field he had to drive past an intersection with a fuel station and a bit further down there was a sign similar to the Texaco logo of a business named “Lone Star”. He also had to drive past a road block sign for road works. This indeed happened at night in the dark.

After notes

Hearing this, you now start shaking like a leaf! What the ….!! You were in the car with this guy while he was driving with the missing person in the boot! The eerie feeling is indescribable! You break down in tears, because although as a remote viewer you can have the feeling you are “there”, while physically you are thousands of miles away. There is nothing you could have done. Yet, it appears to have helped the investigation and the family and friends can now finally have closure.

This is how Remote Viewing can assist in finding missing persons. With enough training, practice and a background in investigations almost anyone can do it. But it is not easy!!

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Donation to Good Cause

Facebook had the audacity to remind me of the fact that next Sunday, I will be a year older since this time last year!! Its automated system suggested I choose a charity so people would be able to donate to a good cause I select. I think it is a brilliant idea! Well… Not to remind me I am getting older, but the donation to a charity or good cause for my…. Birthday!

Over the years I have supported many charitable organisations and they are all needed! Facebook, I am sorry but… this year, I am choosing a cause I am really passionate about: The Research and Development of Remote Viewing. This is not an official registered charitable organisation, but it does have the sole purpose of research and development of Remote Viewing skills and practice. So, for my birthday…if you would like to donate to a good cause, please make a donation to the following page:

Why is Remote Viewing so important?

As a teenager, many springs ago… I discovered my own psychic abilities and I had no idea who to turn to with these “Mind blowing” experiences. Who would believe me? I wrote to scientist, psychologists, neuroscientists, to find an explanation. People laughed, dismissed it as nonsense, a figment of the imagination of a teenager. “Silly girl…there is no such thing as psychic abilities! That’s nonsense!”

Two decades later it turned out that Stanford Research Institute had been doing research into the same phenomena I experienced naturally. I had never heard of it, because most of it, at the time was classified “Top Secret”. From the research, a military program was developed, where they trained soldiers to be psychic spies. This program is now best known as “Project Stargate”. This “Silly Girl” had been using psychic ability in a similar manner, independent of this “Stargate Project” since 1973.

For more than a decade I poured over thousands of pages of research papers, books and videos, now made available to the public. I travelled to the USA to receive Remote Viewing training by David Morehouse PhD. This gave me a lot of insight into how the training was structured and most of all why it was developed in this particular way.

Although a lot is known about Remote Viewing and Remote Viewers, there are still many questions to be answered.

  • Why are Remote Viewers describing the target and select the incorrect category in the forced choice “Gestalt Category”? (Research design question)
  • In addition to the existing Remote Viewing “Profile”, what else makes an exceptional Remote Viewer?
  • Where does the information come from?
  • What, if any, are the receptors or translators in our physical body?
  • Does Global Consciousness have an effect on Remote Viewing performance?
  • Apart from the signal to noise ratio reduction and acknowledging Analytical Overlay is there anything else we can do to enhance the perceptions or the communication of these perceptions?
  • How can we rate or “score” Remote Viewing performance fairly without the possibility of human bias?
  • Apart from client feedback; How do we measure or assess the information “value” for operational targets?

These are only a few of the research questions on the list. To answer some of these questions, the development of an online data collection system was required, which has been accomplished with ProjectX. However, there is still a lot of work to be done, on finding better ways of measuring Remote Viewing data fairly and without possible human bias. The Remote Viewing data collected by the system, will be compared to data points from the Global Consciousness Program, to establish if there is a correlation between Global Consciousness and Remote Viewing performance.

So how will the donation be spent?

  • The hire of programmers to develop enhanced algorithms for measuring Remote Viewing data.
  • The hire of facilities and equipment for physical experiments that require medical specialists.
  • Purchase of software for statistical analysis
  • Hire of independent specialists to verify and validate the processes
  • Hire of IT specialists to ensure data security and integrity

If you support my efforts to help the Remote Viewing community progress to the next level, please donate on the following page and click on the donate button. Thank you for your support of this private research effort!

To me that is the most wonderful Birthday Present you can give me! Thank you!

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Double Life of a Remote Viewer

I recently started a new job and I am extremely proud to work for this company. With any new job, you meet your new colleagues and they ask you, how was your Easter break? Did you go away? Visit family? Relax?
My answer:”No, I had some work to do.”

I cannot even begin to explain what I am doing on my days off! Let’s just say it is a bit out of the ordinary.

Industry Consultation

I have Skype Meetings with clients and consult with professionals in my industry from all over the world.

TV Interviews

A Dutch TV host requested me to record a Remote Viewing Sessions for them and do an interview after this recording, at which time I would receive the feedback. As per many requests after the last interview on Dutch TV… This time the interview has been recorded in English. I am not sure when it is going to be on air or streamed.

Magazine Articles

I have articles to submit for Magazines, that have deadlines and the editor want the material sent urgently. I missed the deadline for Eight Martinis magazine, but was requested to send and article to Arcana Magazine a Swedish / English Magazine.

Manage an International Team

I was coordinating a team of Remote Viewers from all over the world, to locate an object that has been missing for decades, despite it being searched for numerous times. This includes writing the final report on the data and the project.

Designing Online Applications

I am designing a new Associative Remote Viewing feature for an online Remote Viewing Practice application I designed and developed. A lot of time goes in the initial planning of the application. Once the structure and process flows are developed for both front-end and back-end, the actual programming can begin.

Writing Procedures

I am writing procedures and develop an additional database so that others can assist with selecting appropriate target images and content for the database. I am going to need all the help I can get!

Provide Intuitive Intelligence

In between I may get a text with 2 sets of 4 digit numbers and a message that some agency requests urgent information, can you submit a Session within 48 hours? So I submit an Intuitive Intelligence Product called a Remote Viewing Session.

Finish Diploma Level Course Unit

I finished a Diploma Level Course Unit in Training Assessment Tool Design, because that was a requirement for my job.

I don’t think my colleagues are going to believe me, if I tell them what my weekend or Easter break looks like. Only very few KNOW I have really done all that and more!

But I have difficulty answering the question:”What did you do on your Easter Break or Weekend?” Next time I think I will just say: “The usual…Just relaxing!” 😉

What’s next?… (Don’t laugh) But I am considering a Double Diploma in Business + Leadership and Management.

Next time someone asks me if I have any Management experience? I can at least show them the Diploma. 😉

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Remote Viewing Missing Persons

I’m receiving a lot of questions about Remote Viewing Missing Person and Homicide cases and there appears to be a lot of misunderstanding as to what it means to be a Professional Remote Viewer.
First of all I would like to explain a bit about Remote Viewing.
Remote Viewing is using Extrasensory Perception in a very controlled and structured way to obtain information about people, places and objects, shielded from our ordinary five senses. It is used primarily as an intelligence tool.

A Remote Viewer works under a Double Blind or Blind scientific protocol. Which means they and the persons surrounding them do not know what the Remote Viewer is supposed to look at.

The Double Blind Protocol ensures that the information could not have been obtained by “cold reading”, or by any other means than pure Extrasensory Perception. It also prevents the Remote Viewer from making a “lucky guess” based on some available information. The other benefit to the Remote Viewer is that; having no information at all pushes the Remote Viewer to use their Extrasensory Perception. Double blind is usually the best way to establish the Remote Viewer is, really perceiving the intended target (eg. Current Location of Missing Person) or not as the case may be.

In investigations it is not always possible for the Remote Viewer to work Double-Blind. The Detective in charge might say:”We are looking for a Missing person. Can you give us any information?”

This can still produce a result, but there is some “Frontloading” of information! The fact that a detective asks for information on a missing person from a Remote Viewer, a logical deduction can be made that progress has not been made and they have already explored all normal means of investigation. Also the time factor plays a big role in the chances of survival for any missing person and the less experienced Remote Viewer might subconsciously “assume” the person is no longer alive, while this is true in a high percentage of the cases, it may very well be a wrong in this particular case. This would increase the possibility of the Remote Viewer “guessing” rather than actually perceiving.

An experienced Remote Viewer may be able to set this information aside, because sometimes “against the odds” the person is alive and the only way to obtain the more accurate information is to clear the mind from any preconceived ideas.

A trained Remote Viewer, will provide sketches, descriptions, and a full report on their perception of the target. This report will contain, both general and specific information, depending on the experience and training of the Remote Viewer they may be able to provide things like “Composite identification sketches, mud-maps of the area, names or partial names of the person or persons of interest or sketches of significant features in the area.

Remote Viewing is a human skill! It is not and, will never be, exact or 100% correct! It would be like expecting a professional dart player to throw 180 points 100% of the time! Or expecting a professional golfer to hit a hole-in-one every single time throughout their career! It would be equally ridiculous to say Remote Viewers are 100% correct all of the time! No matter how good you are, you are still a human being and bound to make mistakes!

Even in case of actual eyewitness statements details can be vague; the witness may have been confused due to the stress or cannot clearly remember the facts. Multiple witnesses may give different perspectives, based on their own experience and memories of the events. Remote Viewers are no exception!

Remote Viewers are however, extraordinary witnesses, because they have not physically been at the site or the events, yet they can give descriptions and information that may be confirmed by normal means of investigation.
A well trained and Professional Remote Viewer, will never approach the family of a missing person and will never work directly for the family upon their request. The information obtained by Remote Viewing will be sent only to the detective or the team in charge of the investigation.

If you are a family member of a missing person, please contact the law-enforcement officer in charge of the case and ask them to send a request for information. The information provided is totally free!! However, it will only be provided to the detectives on the case. Information will only be released when the case has been closed.

Why won’t you work directly for the family…even if we offer to pay you?

Sadly, in a high percentage of missing person cases either a family member or someone they know is directly involved in the disappearance! Some people could have “run away” for good reason! The missing person may be concerned for their welfare or safety! If you and/ or your family are not willing or able to provide the contact details of the detective in charge, I cannot help you!

I will provide the information only directly to the person in charge of, or directly working on the investigation. The email request will have to come from the official email address of the detective with their contact details. Those details will remain confidential and will never be made public without permission in writing from the detective and their department.

As long as there is an active investigation, you will not see any of the information provided to police published in the media. The reason for this is that there may be sensitive information within the Remote Viewing Session that could jeopardise the investigation.

Once the investigation is closed I will publicly disclose some of my work on the case, but I will not mention the names of the detectives involved without their and their departments’ written consent. I will also use some of the cases I worked on as examples in Remote Viewing Training Classes, if and when appropriate.

Do you ever receive payment for working on Missing Person Cases?

Generally speaking, No! The fact that my skills make a contribution to the possible recovery of a missing person, or help find clues in other cases, is enough payment for me.

I have received a non-financial token of appreciation for the work I have done on a particular case. Which I very much appreciated!

However, In some instances I will be given blind tasks by companies who charge their clients for information, because I am double-blind to the task, I will not know (at first) if I am looking at the latest technology, the stock market, a missing item or a missing person. I will receive payment for providing information on those targets. The persons tasking me are trained Professional Remote Viewers and I trust they do not provide me with a double-blind tasks that would be illegal or unethical.

Have you ever claimed reward money?

No. Although I did provide information in at least one case that was so accurate I would have possibly been entitled to, at least some of the reward money, I never stepped forward!

It was the team on the case who collected the evidence required for a conviction and even though my information was extremely accurate in that case, the information by itself would have meant nothing without them actually collecting the evidence. At the time I named and described the suspect, the team apparently already had this person under surveillance.

Do you ever approach Law Enforcement with information?

I very rarely do! Because in most cases and especially in high profile cases where a reward has been issued, a lot of “crazy people” come forward with information. The Officers will have have their hands full separating the nonsense from the valuable tips. This is more than annoying for the people on the case and wasting their valuable time and resources.

If I have “Front-Loaded” information that I deem to be extremely important (possibly saving lives) or accurate enough to be of value to the team on the case, I will approach the detective or I will submit it as an anonymous tip to that department. But I know… there is a 99% chance the information will end up in the bin.

How do I become a Professional Remote Viewer working on these cases?

If you want to get into this for the money or the fame, you’ll be very disappointed! There is no fame or glory and it is very hard, difficult and sometimes emotionally draining work!

If you are doing this to help families, to make this world a safer place or to prove this is a very useful skill to have in the investigative tool kit! Go for it! Just don’t expect a “warm welcome” or to become rich and it is a very long road to actually get some recognition for your work! (If you get it at all!)

Get qualifications in private investigations or law enforcement!
You will have a better understanding of what kind of information is useful to investigators and what is considered absolute rubbish. This will allow you to focus during your Remote Viewing session on information that would be extremely valuable to the investigation!

You will also get a better understanding of procedures of evidence collection and following the procedures of the chain of evidence to get this submitted in court of law.

Practice your sketching!
Not only portrait sketching comes in handy, but also creating site maps, mud-maps, buildings, landscapes and structures. The more accurate your sketches, the easier it will be for investigators, analysts and people in the search area to identify the person or the location. With better sketches, you increase the chance of someone recognising at least some elements of your information. Seriously, you need more than an average stick-figure to point out a suspect! Most detectives expect you to give them a full identikit-sketch or at minimum a good description of the person involved.

Learn to identify names, logos and numbers!
Practice a lot focusing on names, numbers, logos or symbols! Use practice targets and try to perceive phonetics, spoken words, type of language, look for street signs, names on buildings, names and logos. The more accurate you can perceive this kind of information the more helpful your information will be in investigations.

Although it is rare that Remote Viewers accurately perceive this type of information, some people can do it and enhance it! It is absolutely priceless in investigations if you are able to give a name, partial name, location name, logo or symbol on a building, a word even in a foreign language you have never learned. This kind of information can help investigators hit the “jackpot”!

Check the Law of the Country, State or Territory!
Not every country has the same laws and Remote Viewing crosses borders and continents. Read up on the different rules and regulations you need to adhere to in your own country or state and in those you are Remote Viewing. In some countries the use of this tool would be considered illegal and in others you’d need to write a legal clause:”This is for entertainment purposes only!” (Even if it is not “entertaining” at all!) I prefer the clause the Financial Institutions use:”Warning: Past results are no guarantee of future performance!” But I think every investigator with a great track record should also state the same!

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Interview Healing Sound Movement TV – 2014

Dr. John Consemulder interviews Sandra Hilleard on the topic of Remote Viewing (Dutch Language). Sandra held a Remote Viewing Training Course in the Netherlands in 2014 and she will return to the Netherlands in 2019 to give and intensive 4 day Remote Viewing Training Course in Amsterdam, where Dutch Remote Viewing Students will get support in their native language.

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Remote Viewing Student

After almost 10 years I am still in contact with some of the former students who have attended the Remote Viewing Training Course, here in Perth, Western Australia.

Sydney based Artist Stephen Hamper is one of them. With his background in Arts, he was one of those exceptional students who really took off once trained in Remote Viewing.

I still remember the day in class, when he was tasked with his first full Remote Viewing Session. Half way through, he got up from his chair, put the stack of bond paper spread out on the floor, and produced stage 3 sketches like I have never seen before!

After the session I asked: “Why did you suddenly start working on the floor?” His reply:”I just didn’t have enough space to get it all out!” It was an absolute joy to see him work on the session like that. Although I never thought students would start using the floor, with several sheets as a “canvas”.

Stephen is not only a very skilful Artist, he is an incredible Remote Viewer and now, also a Remote Viewing Trainer. It has been an honour to pass the skill of Remote Viewing on to him!

The Photo Gallery below displays one of Stephen Hamper’s Remote Viewing Sessions. (Published with permission of Stephen Hamper).

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Missing Persons – FindMe

Detective Kelly Snyder – Founder of FindMe

In 2010 I started doing some work for the FindMe group. FindMe is a U.S.A. based charity founded by retired Federal Agent Kelly Snyder, to assist law enforcement in missing person cases and unresolved homicide cases. His team of volunteers consists of retired law enforcement officers, private investigators, search and rescue volunteers, canine units, air support and vetted intuitive consultants. I was very fortunate to join the team as a vetted Remote Viewer (Intuitive – Consultant).

The criteria for joining the FindMe Group are very strict. Members / Volunteers are on call 24/7 and need to respond at all times. Especially in case of “Amber Alerts” a response is required within 48 hrs. Anyone who wants to join goes through background checks and a probation period, before being fully accepted. All information and reports on each case need to be submitted in the specified format unless otherwise indicated. These volunteers all have professional backgrounds in their respective field and work together with one thing in mind; Bring the person home!

I have worked several cases for the FindMe Group during that period. Apart from being on call at all times (which was a bit of a problem, next to a full time occupation, with irregular hours), I think the toughest part of the job was dealing with the emotional aspects in certain cases. No matter how skilled you are and, how tough you are, you know that lives of human beings are at stake.

It is still, after all these years, pretty amazing to me that; I am able to provide information on missing person and homicide cases in the USA (and Europe), while living and working in Western Australia.

In 2012 I had the privilege of meeting Detective Kelly Snyder in Phoenix – Arizona. Over lunch we were able to discuss some of the cases we had worked on.

Working with the FindMe team has given me great insight in the practical applications of Remote Viewing and how it translates to field work. Although I could not continue to participate in the group after a while, due to other work commitments, I really believe Detective Kelly and his Team are doing immensely important work! Helping families either, finding their loved ones, or at least getting closure.

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Memories I.R.V.A. 2012

Today I was going through some old files and photos and I found some great blasts from the past! In particular great memories of the International Remote Viewing Conference in 2012.

Visionary Jim Channon

 Jim is unfortunately no longer with us in the physical world, but he was a man of great vision and insight! He was the shaman, the story teller, the artist and much more. The inventor of “The First Earth Battalion”, which was later depicted in the movie “The Men who Stare at Goats” as “The New Earth Battalion”. It was an honor to meet this inspiring man!

Lyn Buchanan

Lyn Buchanan was one of the former “Psychic Spies” and he still is one of the best Remote Viewing Trainers and a great mentor! His technique of data analysis is still commonly used throughout the Remote Viewing community, and has certainly helped many develop their skill. Lyn is the author of the book “The Seventh Sense” and developed his version of  “Controlled Remote Viewing”. Through the years Lyn has given me some valuable insights, through his presentations, our chats and, his answers on several Facebook groups. I had the privilege of having lunch with Lyn in Las Vegas during that time, and it was as always, very insightful!

Courtney Brown

Director of The Farsight Institute Prof. Courtney Brown was one of the speakers at the conference. His unique approach of the topic of Remote Viewing certainly gained a lot of attention. During lunch with Courtney, I remember his plans to expand Remote Viewing Training to the African continent. Not only is Courtney a Prof. in Mathematics, he is also a very creative and entrepreneurial spirit. The Remote Viewing topics he chooses certainly keep everyone on the edge of their seat!

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