Future dreamcatcher

At times I find myself waking up from a dream and I wonder if what I was dreaming is really going to happen.

Dream Time

I remember my mother telling me of a dream that actually came true. In her dream she was driving nearby our home and she suddenly hit the brakes. A little boy on a bicycle came from behind a home on a corner and she braked so hard in her dream that she actually kicked the bed end off the bed! As a result, my mum and dad both landed on the floor and the bed obviously needed repairing. My mum was quite distressed, because in her dream she hit a little boy on a bicycle.

That morning, my mum took the car to get some groceries. As she drove around the corner, she instinctively hit the brake before she could even see anything. Our neighbor boy shot across the road on his bicycle!

Did this dream the night before prevent the accident? Was it a warning of the subconscious mind to be careful of something that was already “set in motion”? Perhaps it was simply a coincidence?

But then again, what are the odds of someone dreaming of that exact event the night before?

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