Sandra Hilleard

Who am I? Well, that depends on who you ask I guess. I’d like to keep it “undefined” but in this world where everything needs several labels it is difficult to remain undefined.

Brief History

I’m originally from the Netherlands, to most foreigners, also known as “Holland”. Yes, that is that tiny, innovative, country in Europe with approximately 17 million people and, about the same amount of bicycles. I was working as a graphic designer, web designer and a visual artist / painter. 

Apart from being “creative”, my mind also appeared to have another trait, which some would call “being psychic or clairvoyant”. This became so prominent in my life that I could no longer ignore the fact that there was more going on than mere coincidence or a figment of my imagination.

Between 2005 and 2007 I learned that the US military had used “psychic spies” to obtain information on people, places and things, distant in space and or time. Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park California had two laser physicists who had been researching this phenomena named “Remote Viewing”. I started to investigate and test my abilities in this area.

In 2008 I moved to Perth, Western Australia, to be with a man I met in London at a meet-up for Remote Viewers. We got married and started the Remote Viewing Unit in Australia. For most of that year I studied old PSI-TECH video tapes by Major Ed Dames. What was taught in those tapes was very basic and, it did not correspond with my personal experience of how this ‘natural ability’ works. In 2009 we went to Carlsbad – California where we both received training from David Morehouse Phd. (a former Military Remote Viewer, who worked with Ed Dames). This training in Coordinate Remote Viewing and Extended Remote Viewing, made far more sense to me.

I created a training package, a website and promotional material and, the Remote Viewing Unit was born. We gave training to our very first Remote Viewing students in Australia. As trainers we needed to improve our teaching skills, to ensure the students would receive quality training, which would meet the Australian Standards. We became qualified Cert. IV Trainers & Assessors. For years we would give private tuition and courses in Perth & Sydney Australia and we would run the occasional “out-bounder” experiment.

In 2017, after 8 years of marriage, this chapter finally came to an end and I filed for a divorce. This was not only the end of the marriage but also the end of the business, I worked so hard to create. Some might say: “Well, you are psychic, but you didn’t see that coming!” … Actually, (and sadly) I did!

It was however, not the end of my passion for Remote Viewing, Anomalous Cognition, Extrasensory Perception and Consciousness.


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