My Approach

The human mind is fascinating! With all the technology today we still have not discovered all the human mind is capable of. As an investigator, I like to know the facts, but I do keep an open mind to possibilities. I have learned that the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

My Story

In short, I have experienced several psychic phenomena from an early age. In most cases I could not find a logical explanation for what happened to me. Finding explanations has been a thread throughout my life. It wasn’t until I found a regression therapist, who told me not to fear, but to learn how to deal with these “gifts”, I started to delve into the capabilities of the human mind. I came across research that was done in the 1970’s by Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, California. This was a study of Remote Viewing. I have since studied all I could find on the subject and related fields. Although scientists still, cannot explain exactly how Remote Viewing works, they do agree that it works.  I used the techniques of Remote Viewing to get more control over my innate psychic ability. My personal journey of discovery in these subjects began in 1988.

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My book “Anomalies” is about my personal journey of discovery and dealing with my own psychic abilities. I hope that this book will assist others who have similar experiences.

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